Technical department:

  • Handles all registration of professionals and operators(individual and institutional applicants) in the Nigerian Extractive Industry;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of professionals and operators in the  Nigerian Extractive Industry;
  • Professional development trainings of members;
  • Professional accreditation of mining engineering, geosciences and related courses offered in Nigerian tertiary institutions;
  • Handles professional investigations;
  • Oversees ICT unit


Administration department:

  • Handles appointments, promotions, training, discipline, welfare and overall wellbeing of staff.
  • Handles general services such as security, utilities and office cleaning
  • Oversees stores unit.


Finance & Accounts department:

  • Handles all financial matters, including budgeting, revenue collection, payments, and issuance of treasury receipts for all payments made to COMEG.


Procurement department:

  • Handles procurement activities, adverts for bidding for supplies and contracts, as required.


Audit Unit:

Internal audit functions.[1] 


To be reviewed



Adapt from functions of MMSD Procurement Department contents