Frequently Asked Questions

Successful applicants will be notified via email, phone alls and sms messages when a date for the induction ceremony has been finalised by management.

Members can check the status of their annual practice fees on the downloads section of COMEG’s website

The registration process can take between six and twelve months, depending on Council’s decision.

Yes; expatriates working in the Nigerian Extractive Industry are eligible and must register with COMEG.

Yes, registration as a corporate member of Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society is a pre-requisite to registering with COMEG.

To become a registered member of COMEG, applicants should obtain, fill and endorse the appropriate application forms, which are available from COMEG offices or website

It makes one’s professional practice lawful with the aim of eliminating quacks from the extractive industry.

You can obtain the registration form from any of our offices or visit our website and the downloads section to obtain the form.

Applicants will be informed via emails, phone calls and sms messages on the dates and venues of pre-registration examinations. In addition, the venue of the examination may depend on the number of applicants in a particular geo-political zone.